About Us

“Languages” is a brand new project established
by a group of freelance translators-interpreters from Germany, Spain
and the Czech Republic. We offer professional language services “tailored”
to the specific requirements of clients from all over the world.

We excel at general and specialised translations, interpreting and
proofreading texts from/to the following languages:

♦  English (GB and USA) ♦  Spanish
♦  German ♦  Czech
♦  Russian ♦  French
♦  Italian ♦  Slovak
♦  other European and non-European languages.



Our Team


… is made up of Spanish, German and Czech native speakers:

Jorge Alejo Gómez
Spanish, English

Contact: jorge@profi-languages.com
Veronika Bímová
Czech, English

Contact: veronika@profi-languages.com 
Alice Čápová
Czech, German

Contact: alice@profi-languages.com 
 Michael Samhammer
German, English

Contact: michael@profi-languages.com

Jana Samhammer
Czech, German, English, Spanish

Contact: jana@profi-languages.com